International students in IndiaGD Goenka University welcomes international students from all across the world. Choosing GD Goenka University as your next destination as an international student can be beneficial due to our Global Network, high quality of education, expanded international network, our vibrant campus with both academic and extracurricular facilities including an olympic swimming pool and an advanced fitness center, as well as our cosmopolitan campus where you can embrace a multicultural atmosphere where students from different backgrounds come together to share their perspectives, cultures, and experiences, fostering mutual understanding and lifelong connections. Moreover, as an International student, you can also avail of the student exchange programs and internship programs of the university. Experience the warmth of our community, the richness of our academic programs, and the transformative power of international education. Together, let’s build a future where boundaries are overcome, cultures unite, and dreams come to life.

Our Services for International Students:

International Visits to GD Goenka University1. Admissions Support: Our dedicated team assists international students throughout the admissions process, providing guidance on application procedures, visa requirements, and academic program selection.

2. Language Support: We offer language support services to help international students improve their English proficiency, ensuring effective communication and academic success.

3. International Student Orientation: We organize comprehensive orientation programs to familiarize international students with our campus, academic policies, and cultural aspects of life in India and we assign both a faculty mentor and a student advisor to each exchange student.

4. Student Support Services: Our International Department provides ongoing support and guidance to international students, addressing their academic, personal, and cultural needs throughout their journey at G.D. Goenka University.

5. Cultural Integration: We organize various cultural events, festivals, and workshops to promote cultural integration and provide opportunities for international students to engage with the local community. In addition, we organize weekend trips to touristic sights in India including Taj Mahal, Rishikesh (Yoga Center of the World), Mussoorie (Foothills of the Himalayas) and many more places.


Once these documents are received, we will immediately contact you for further steps. We will issue an invitation letter for your visa and help with your arrival procedures. When you reach India, we will pick you up from the airport and bring you to our campus as we arrange the stay on our beautiful and comfortable campus hostels. Subsequent to your arrival, we will provide an orientation workshop and help with all arrival procedures and introduce you to your faculty and fellow students.

Please send your application forms and documents above to