international internships G.D. Goenka University offers a range of internship exchange programs with esteemed partner institutions around the world. Explore the available options, consider your academic goals, and select an internship that aligns with your field of study and personal interests. Consult with your academic advisor and the International Student Office to ensure a smooth transition of credits and plan your exchange mobility travel accordingly.

You can see the list of international internship exchange list for internship here.

List of Documents Required for Application:

You will need to be approved by your Department/School before you are eligible for the exchange program. You can’t have any backlogs if you wish to apply for a semester/internship exchange program. Please also note that there may be competition to the same university that you are applying for and thus decision can be based on your academic standing. We will provide the support throughout the semester exchange process including visa, travel, health insurance, accommodation and academic studies at your destination university.